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Eugene Stoner’s design in the AR15 is one of the most reliable firearms to have ever been created, serving in sand, dust, mud, and cold for over half a century. With that said, all designs have critical components that, when damaged or broken, can take the whole gun down until it is correctly repaired. For the AR15, that would be the firing pin.

This is an AR15 Firing pin made by LBE Unlimited. They are an American-based firearms component company dedicated to making quality, well-priced parts for ARs, AKs, and select other platforms. This particular firing pin is made in the USA as well and is made out of solid steel.

As part of your normal AR cleaning and disassembly process, make sure to check your firing pin. If your current one is showing signs of wear (such as cracks or peening on either end), it’s time to replace the pin. The firing mechanism of an AR takes a fair bit of abuse, so this is one of the parts that will, from time to time simply need to be replaced.

Luckily, replacing the firing pin is as simple as popping the bolt out of the gun, removing the retaining pin (we like to use the tip of a fine pocket knife or a bullet), and turning the bolt so that the pin can fall out into your hand. To install the new one, simply reverse the process.

One little tip to first-time AR builders: make sure that the more pointy end is towards the front of the bolt. These work on a pretty simple principle: when you pull the trigger, the hammer strikes the larger end, shooting the firing pin’s pointy end into the primer and igniting the round. Thus, they only install one way, so if you’re having trouble, turn it around and it should fall right into place.

This part will be absolutely necessary for two circumstances. The first is that you are building your own AR. In that case, you need a firing pin to turn your otherwise expensive paperweight into a functional rifle. The second is that you already have an AR and need to fix a broken or lost firing pin to prevent the aforementioned paperweight situation.

This is one of the cheaper parts of any AR build; they also sometimes break from normal wear and can even be lost if, for example, you field strip your AR to clean it in the woods and drop it in the undergrowth.

Thus, it’s recommended that you pick up a few of these to make sure that you’re never left without it: keeping one in a range bag as a spare and a few more in a safe space at home is a decent idea for relatively little investment.

Product: AR15 Firing Pin
Caliber: Varies, Standard AR Bolt
Material: Steel
Manufacturer: LBE Unlimited

As one of the parts of an AR that is somewhat failure-prone in normal operation, we think it’s a good idea to keep a few of these on hand. While there’s no single measurement of when you should replace your current firing pin, doing it occasionally is a solid idea.

If you’re building an AR or simply need replacement parts, this AR15 firing pin by LBE Unlimited is an excellent choice. These are a simple, relatively affordable part to replace, and making sure you’re stocked in them can keep your range day or hunting trip from ending prematurely. Pick up a few, and you’ll have a little more peace of mind to the continued functioning of your rifle or pistol.

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