To replace the buffer tube, we would need to remove some parts first.


  • Find an open space to work with
  • Remove the magazine and empty the chamber
  • Pull the bolt back all the way with the charging handle and holt it while looking into the action to visually check that there are indeed no rounds in the chamber.

Removing the Upper Receiver

To reach the buffer tube first you need to remove the upper receiver, to do that,

You need to remove the rear take-down pin and that hinges the weapon by the front take-down pin, now you can remove upper receiver along with carry handle, after removing them, re attach the rear take down pin, it is recommended to hold down the weapon in a vise while working with it.

Removing the Buttstock

Next, you need to remove the buttstock, to do that you need to find the buttstock slide lock pin, and then you pull down the pin all the way down and just pull the buttstock backwards at the same time while holding the pin down.

Removing the Buffer Tube

Now we can remove the buffer spring, to do that you need to push down on the little pin that holds the buffer in and remove the spring, the pin may hold on to the spring rings so rotate the spring as you pull it out.

Next, we are going to remove the receiver extension nut, while removing the nut keep in mind that there may be a spring within the extension nut that will come flying out once you remove it, this depends on the buttstock model so make sure you don’t lose that tiny spring.

Once you loosen the extension nut enough the buffer tube can be removed by rotation.

*When assembling your buffer tube back make sure the collar buttstock tube lock’s oval bulge is facing towards the gun because it locks to the back of the receiver.

Congratulations, you have successfully disassembled the buffer tube!